Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This is Zack.... the Zack who, when reading Hansel & Gretel with Grandma Polly today, said " That's just not right. If the dad didn't have enough money then he should go to work". (Further explanation) Polly was explaining why the dad was going to send his kids into the woods to get lost (because he didn't have enough money to feed them) and that's when Zack chimed in and said the above. Another funny story: Zack told me that "Carson had a diaper rash and that I needed to take off his diaper so it could get some air". How the heck does he know this stuff? He's a sponge. I must have said it somewhere, sometime and he remembered it. I think someone hit it on the head when they said that Zack isn't only smart, he's intelligent.


This is our little Carson who likes to keep us guessing as to why exactly he's not growing. He turned two in February and is slowly achieving his milestones. Of course we've been to a million doctors and have yet to find out what is wrong. MRI results and other various lab tests show that something is abnormal; however, Carson is the happiest, cuddliest, funnest "baby" there is. What more could I ask for? We've heard everything from muscular dystrophy to hyperglycinemia (a terminal metabolic storage disorder) and I've decided that until someone knows for SURE, I'm not going to listen anymore. Ok, so I'll listen, but I'm not going to take to heart any other suggestions as to a diagnosis, until it's for sure. Too many emotions. The ENT is going to do a same day surgery next week to see if he can better tell what is causing Carson's "deafness"... I'm excited to find out. If he's deaf, great.. we can help him and if he's not.. great.. we can help him start talking. I'm excited to hopefully one day find out what is "wrong", but I'm excited that he's been a 'baby' for so long! It's like having a ten month old baby for two years! :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Salt Lake City

Jed had a day off work so we took the kids (plus one, Cousin Tams) to the zoo. Despite the fact that there were a million people there, it was still fun. The boys loved the alligator best. We also stopped by the "This is the Place" monument park. It's pretty neat, I've never been there before. They said to come back in May when they will have activities for the kids. It's only $5 per person and it sounds like there are a lot of fun activities! As we drove past the temple, I pointed it out to Zack and he got all excited and said, "Hey Mom, that's where you and daddy got married and President Hinckley died!" He thinks that's where President Hinckley died, not sure why, maybe because we stood in line at the Conference Center so long while attending the viewing.. he just put it all together in his little mind. Funny.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chef Zackary

Zack loves to cook with me ... we usually try to bake some kind of "goody" on Sundays, but the problem is that I always end up eating my entire day's worth of calories in ONE SITTING. Oh well, it's memories, right?


My mom, Britt and I took the kids to the carnival at the mall a week ago. It was $5 for 5 hrs... unlimited rides, if it wasn't I wouldn't have gone.. carnivals are way too expensive for my liking. They had fun, even though we were mean and wouldn't let them play the games that "cost money".

Friday, April 25, 2008

Not So Sure About This....

People have been trying to get me to blog for months now... not so sure how I feel about it. It's sorta creepy letting the entire world know about my life; However, I promised myself I would at least TRY IT. Here goes nothing... my very first post. SIGH