Friday, May 30, 2008

Wanna See Something Gross?!

I had my ingrown toenails cut out yesterday... LOL.. I know, I know, it's totally gross, but it's too awesome not to share! :)

Thank you, Mom and Dad

Thanks Mom and Dad for making this trip possible! I loved every second of it! I'm glad we have the family we do; I love it when we get together. It's always fun to go to Green River and see how much we can rack up in "employee meals" . LOL. Love ya.. P.S. Don't get mad about this picture, you look good, and besides, you were camping!

And Then There is the Birthday Cake....

Pretty Self-Explanatory, I guess. Zack turns 5!

Jonny & Kaia

Congratulations to Jonny & Kaia who are getting married on June 26th! I'm so glad they came camping it was fun to have them there; Jonny likes to entertain us with his dumb fire tricks and Kaia likes to play cards with me! They were the outcasts this year and had to sleep in a tent! ha ha.. maybe next year you guys can be cool like us and sleep in the camper!

Shooting With Grandpa

I can safely say that hanging out with Grandpa is one of Zack's favorite things to do. Zack has been trying to "earn his bullets" for a few months now by being "respectful" and good at school. He has to do his chores and obey mom and dad and Grandpa promised him if he did all of those things that he could earn his bullets to shoot when we went camping. Originally he was suppose to shoot a BB gun, but that wasn't very cool once he saw the 22. The picture is of Gpa Bruce, Zack, Hunter and Gunner....the dogs love to jump on Zack and knock him over!

Goblin Valley

This year, instead of our usual camping spot, we took a detour to Goblin Valley and I have to say that it was one of the best weekends of my life! It started a little rough when my niece, Allyssa, tipped her four-wheeler and broke her cute little arm. Mom, Britt, Kaia and I drove her to Green River in hopes of finding a clinic, of course there wasn't anything on a Saturday SO after treating for shock, Britt took Allyssa home to Provo where the dr. confirmed it was broken in two places. She is still in a splint and is having a same-day surgery tomorrow to set the bones. OUCH... Zack took a spill, cried and got back on... bikes used to scare me, but the kids are pretty good at riding and of course they have ALL the gear.. compliments of Gpa Bruce. One of my favorite parts was playing cards and eating oreos. Doesn't get better than that. I just love not having an agenda, nowhere to go, nothing to do, but relax! This picture was taken at the beginning of a 60 mile ride, compliments of Jonny and Kaia.. they were the trail guides and led us on a wild goose chase!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Here are Zack and Allyssa in their gear for riding. Gma and Gpa LOVE their grandkids! Allyssa & Zack have their own four-wheelers and all the "fixins". There is nothing that Zack would rather do than go to Polly's house. I bet he asks me a hundred times a day if we can go see "Gpa Bruce and Polly" Note: He has always called them by their first names. Where's the respect, I dunno. We are so excited to go camping with them this weekend!! Gpa makes some pretty killer food and I think everyone's favorite part is when Zack wakes up at 5 AM and starts bouncing off the walls. Nothing like sleeping in on vacation... at least not with Zack and since we all sleep in Gpa's huge trailer, we all get an early start on the day!! My favorite part is playing games and making smores. Yum, maybe I better start exercising now for all the smores I plan on eating !

Carson Update

I haven't uploaded any of the most recent pictures of Carson at the hospital, so I decided to post my favorite picture of the back of his head... I love his curly hair! Between two days at the hospital and probably thousands of dollars later... we now know that we have to go to yet another specialist...(MORE specialized) at the U. This part of his diagnosis is only concerning his ears... (the other stuff will resume its testing in August). As for now, the E.N.T. determined that his inner ear hearing bones are severely deformed. He wasn't sure what could be done to help him hear as there aren't very many options to help when it's in the bone, so that's why we were referred to yet another Doctor. The appointment is in late June. I'm sure they will do more tests and then maybe we'll find out if they can help him hear. As of right now, Carson can hear about 20% out of both ears. He doesn't have complete hearing loss, but does have quite a bit. We kinda had a hunch that he had troubles hearing ever since he was born and are happy to finally have an answer. We hope this will aid the neurologist and geneticists in determining his overall diagnosis. As for now, we will keep watching signing time everyday and hope that we can pick up some of it!! :)

Zack's Turning 5 !!

Here is the "almost birthday boy" last year on his b-day making his own breakfast. Quesadillas are a staple at our house. The boys learned to love them by daddy's example. He's excited to take donuts to his friends at school and then have a family party on Sunday while we are away camping. We are usually camping every year during Zack's b-day .. it's so close to Memorial Day. Can't believe he's already 5!

Back to life; My computer blew up so the lag in posts has been because we've been computer-less for a couple of weeks. All I can say is that life is pretty crappy without a computer!! Zack has been on field trips galore these past couple of weeks. They went to the Bean Museum and got to see live snakes and reptiles first hand. The first thing Zack said when we walked into the building was, "Mom, it really stinks in here". lol. The school also went to Thanksgiving point for a personalized tour of the animals and some fun crafts. They had their spring play at the Covey Center for the Arts... Jungle Book.. it was darling. Yesterday was water day, and the pictures above were on Cowboy Day. Gma Polly took Zack to Reams and bought the entire works! He was pretty excited about all of it. He is still begging me to go to Gma's house to ride horses in his cowboy outfit. Maybe when it stops raining. Zack's teacher, Mrs. Llewellyn is the best teacher ever! We're really going to miss her next year :(