Friday, May 30, 2008

Shooting With Grandpa

I can safely say that hanging out with Grandpa is one of Zack's favorite things to do. Zack has been trying to "earn his bullets" for a few months now by being "respectful" and good at school. He has to do his chores and obey mom and dad and Grandpa promised him if he did all of those things that he could earn his bullets to shoot when we went camping. Originally he was suppose to shoot a BB gun, but that wasn't very cool once he saw the 22. The picture is of Gpa Bruce, Zack, Hunter and Gunner....the dogs love to jump on Zack and knock him over!


Hill said...

You are bribing your kid with bullets, now there's parenting for you lol. Justkidding, I think if it gets them to do what you want them to and doesn't hurt them in the process then bribe with what ever is necessary.

grinNberrett said...

how many birds did Zack shoot? He told me that he killed at least one.