Monday, June 30, 2008

Jon & Kaia's Wedding

Strawberry Days Rodeo

I LOVE rodeos; especially the Strawberry Days rodeo.. have you ever had the strawberries with cream? Yummy. Zack was mad in this picture because he wanted to get a picture with the cowboys, but I said this was as close as it got. Jed's favorite part were the motocross bikes. Carson's favorite part was the American Flag waving over our heads.. he was mesmorized.

Hooray for Hearing Aids!

Well, here it is... the only source of hearing for Carson for the next four years. It's pretty amazing. It actually works. Gpa Jack says it should be able to launch someone into space for how much it cost! ha ha. You can't really see the box in this picture, but it attaches to the headband he's wearing and vibrates his skull, which in turn creates sound waves that go straight to the brain. No ears needed! Pretty awesome. He actually leaves it on his head, I think he has already made the connection that it helps him to hear, so he likes it. I think it gives him a headache, so we try to limit the amount of time he wears it. Now the only trick is teaching Zack not to play with it. If I lose this thing I will DIE!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Carson's New Chair

I haven't posted in a while... life has been out of control crazy lately... BUT, Carson got a new chair... that's cool.. thought I would share :) By the way, it's been a long process, but we're finally going to get his hearing aids on Friday. Tomorrow is Jonny's wedding and I need to figure out how to alter the bridesmaid dress I am wearing! I guess I better get on that, huh?!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Very Thoughtful...

Krissy Miller brought over one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received tonight. Twelve women in my ward contributed to making this quilt. It started with a square from my sister, Brittanie, then passed along to other women who added their own border to it. It ended up looking darling and I'm so excited to have it. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful, thoughtful people living around me. Thank you to everyone who did this! I feel on top of the world, knowing that they did all of that for me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quick Update about Carson

After many hours of entertaining Carson in the doctor's waiting room, we finally got to see the doctor and he shed a little light on the subject of Carson's ears. Turns out that Carson never developed ear drums, his ear canals are completely collapsed and his inner ear bones are deformed. I guess it's no wonder he can't hear, right? OPTIONS?.... well, our best option is to undergo reconstructive surgery. That would include: removing the deformed bones and replacing them with prosthesis. Then they would drill a new hole behind his ear to make a new ear canal. Then graft skin from his hip to line the newly formed canal. Then also graft skin to make new eardrums. After all of this is done he should be able to hear normally. Hopefully. The only set back is that he has to be five years old before they will attempt the surgery. Until then, he will be fitted with a BAHA hearing aid that isn't anchored into the skull. Most BAHA aids are anchored, but he will be able to wear the "box" on a headband and have it sit just on top of his ear bone. The picture shows what a BAHA looks like implanted. It's pretty amazing that they have so many options to help these little guys hear. The BAHA was only recently approved in 2002. We're lucky to have options to help him. Another set back....? Insurance won't cover any of it. Should've known. Well, we'll just take it one day at a time.....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa Marvell

Grandma & Grandpa Marvell, and Todd & his entire family bravely made the 3 hour drive on Sunday to Goblin Valley to celebrate Zack's birthday with us and.... Wherever Jack goes, he brings food.. and LOTS OF IT. He brought short ribs ..coq ou vin style with polenta, salad and bread. It was a grand feast, indeed. We shot guns, rode bikes, played catch and ran around the goblins. Milo even caught a lizard (which shortly later, lost its tail) . Thanks for driving all the way out there to bring us food and celebrate, you guys are so thoughtful and truly awesome and you surely made a little boy happy!!