Friday, October 31, 2008

One more thing

Sorry, I forgot to answer your question: Am I excited for this baby... WELL, it came a shock, that's for sure. BUT, since I feel it was obviously meant to be... I can't be mad about it. I can only be happy because I know He's watching out for me and helping guide my life in the way it should go. :)


So, here is a little more information on the "baby issue": To make a really long story short, Doctors said my body was mimicking menopause and if I wanted to have more kids I would have to start fertility pills. He didn't know the chances of me getting pregnant even on fertility; he said, "We'll see". He asked if I wanted more kids right now, I said no. So, I continued to have problems and I went in for an ultrasound to see if I had any reprocussions from my last miscarriage. It went something like this, (Ultrastenographer) "The heart rate looks great, good and fast" (Jed) "What heart rate? Jess's"? (Ultrastenographer) "No the baby's heart rate" (Jess) "What Baby? There's still parts of a baby in there!?" (Ultrastenographer) "No (thinking we are totally weird at this point) There is a REAL baby in there, alive". (Jess) "How the heck did that get in there"?? Needless to say our conversation went on and it got funnier. I left sorta comatosed and so did Jed. We are going to have another baby. Crap. Not ready for that one; but I guess I will never be really ready. Mom pointed out that I have been saying for a while that I could probably get pregnant again when I knew what was wrong with Carson. The funny thing is that two days before the ultrasound was when we found out that Carson was probably going to go undiagnosed and the tests would cease from here on out. It was a huge relief to me, traveling to Primary Children's and back was a strain. I felt bad that he had to be poked and proded all the time. (Therapies are all I can handle right now) Another weird thing is that all during the two weeks prior to the ultrasound, I had had almost 16 viles of blood drawn on 4 different occasions to see what was up with my body and why it was doing the things it was.... NO PREGNANCY REPORTED. Guess they weren't looking for it. Fooled us all. Is there someone upstairs that has a plan for us? I'd say so! :) Oh yea, one more thing... I was on birth control during all of this too.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here it is.... pictures of our annual gardner village trip to witch-a-palooza. LOVED IT this year. It was by far the best it's ever been. Here we are posing with the main actor from the show. He was hilarious and the music selection was great this year. Brittanie totally had a crush on him.... ha ha. jk.

All of us at one big table. So glad I have a good mom who is always wanting to have fun with us. I'm so grateful that she treats us to events like this. I love the opportunity to go places with the girls and leave behind the kids for a couple hours. It's always a good excuse to take a shower and blow dry my hair... pathetic that it takes that for me to blow dry my hair, I know. Thanks mom.. you're the best mommy ever! lol.

Britt, Me, Kaylyn & Kaia. Two of us are pregnant. The other two are losers. LOL.

"The Red Barn" Pumpkin Patch

Carson doing his typical "hooray" when he's excited.

Britt & I took the kids to the pumpkin patch / hayride. The "deal" was they could pick any pumpkin they wanted IF they could carry it all the way back to the car. Britt was carrying Emmy in her arms and I had Carson, so neither of us were much help with the pumpkin carrying. It was probably for the best anyway because Zack was picking some real honkers which would've cost a fortune! :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


BABY #3 IN MAY.................

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Results Are In

The results have come back from the last lab test we had to do for Carson (it was a long fatty acid chain sequence test...whatever that is...) and the results were normal!! Somehow I already knew; but it's good to have it officially ruled out. He has officially been tested for all Mitochondrial disorders, all genetic disorders and now all metabolic storage disorders and the Neurologist said that his brain is 'deformed' and he will be mentally and slightly physically handicap for the rest of his life. WE'LL TAKE IT!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) Can I breathe now?

Grandpa & Grandma's New Cabin Property

Taking a walk... checking out the future site of our family cabin! :)

We had a big family picnic (Kentucky Fried Chicken Style) at the new property.

It even came with two springs and an old camper. Grandpa couldn't resist spraying Zack with the freezing cold spring water!

Jed & Britt's Birthday Dinner at Gma & Gpa's House

The FAMOUS ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT SNOW CRAB DINNER MADE BY BRUCE HIMSELF!! YUMMMMMMMMY. Mom & Dad bought 60 lbs of snow crab for this glorious event! (They weren't kidding when they said it was "all-you-can-eat". The sad thing is that Jed doesn't like crab, actually, it's not too sad because there's more for me to eat. Dad made him a steak instead. Notice the huge stainless pot on the table.. that's the one holding the steamed crab, the other stainless bowls are for the shells. Yes, the entire house reaked of crab. YUM.

Allyssa trying to hurry and steal a bite of pie before her mom sees. LOL

It's funny how the kids always disappear during dinner and somehow show up for cake and ice cream.

One of the many bowls of crab shells.

Kaia's Shower

WENT WELL! She had lots of friends come and tons of loot! :) We're excited for this baby to come..... hurry and come!

Carson thought it was pretty cool to pull off the tablecloth a thousand times.

Jed's present to Jon & Kaia was a mini pair of Nike Shox.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tag-- 6th Picture in my 6th Folder....

Here it is...the 6th picture in my 6th folder on my external hard drive! :) This was Jed's birthday last year. Gma Polly set up his present on the doorstep. It included almost 20 boxes of his favorite cereal and the big wrapped present was a gas powered blower for the lawn clippings :) He loved it. Oh, and she brought donuts too. Donuts are her trademark. Carson gets so excited whenever Gma Polly shows up with "the big brown box", in fact, he gets SO excited he starts shaking... literally. Did you know that cereal is the 'staple' at our house?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Carson and Primary Children's Hospital

Here is a picture of some guy's brain off the internet.. just thought you'd like to see that :) ACTUALLY, it is a representation of what we got to see at the Neurologist's office on Tuesday. Carson had another MRI at Primary Children's Hospital and shortly after his 'recovery time' we met with the doctor to read the results. We were hoping for an explanation and maybe even go as far as having a diagnosis; but we fell short of such things and that's ok. We got some more insight about Carson's brain and left more knowledgeable than going into it. First and foremost, there are parts of his brain that continue to progress since the last MRI (one year ago) and there are also parts of the brain that haven't progressed at all. One of the areas that haven't progressed is the part responsible for muscles in his arms and legs and mouth; typically the kids affected in this way are not able to walk.. Carson can walk. Doctor thought that was "odd". Carson stumps modern day technology. We were told that he has developed a cyst on his brain.. also told that it wasn't something to worry about.. (not sure how I feel about that). Without explaining all of the findings, it sufficieth to say that all signs still point to 'Metabolic Storage Disorders' There are three blood tests they can do to be completely sure. We have already completed two of the three.. and they came back normal (we did this last year). One more left. We drew blood for it, but it has to be sent somewhere across the country to be analyzed. It will take at least one month to know. Dr. thinks it will come back ok. We think so too...or should I say, we HOPE so too. If, by chance, it comes back positive, Dr. bluntly informed us that we can expect Carson to live until age 8 or 10. Ok, I guess that's something I needed to know, but maybe a little more tactfully. If NOT positive, then we are officially at the end of our journey of testing. We have completely exhausted all testing for him and the conclusion is simply this: Carson has a mental handicap and will be slow for the rest of his life. I CAN HANDLE THAT! I actually embrace that! Do you know how nice it is to have a 2 1/2 year old baby sometimes? You know that age when kids just start to cuddle up with you and then all of a sudden they grow up and get old?? Well, Carson has never hit that "grow up and get old" part... and I actually love it. When the tests come back I will post the results, but in my heart, I feel they are negative. I've known all along that Carson is just who he is, that's how he was made, that's how he chose to come to Earth and because of it he WILL make it back.. How lucky is that?